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The Elysium Habitats teams 30 year history in Property Investment, Property Development, Property Development Finance, Mezzanine Finance, Equity Funding, Joint Ventures & Property Syndicates, will provide you with the expertise and knowledge to maximise your investment return in your future property transactions, whether you are looking for a short term investment strategy or long term property holding.

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    We currently have an upcoming property development where we will pay 7% per annum, secured by a registered 1st Mortgage over the property. Maximum loan to value ratio (LVR) 65%.

    The principal of Elysium Habitats has returned an average of 20% p.a. to his investor partners over many successful property development projects.

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    Investors partner with Elysium Habitats

    Property Joint Ventures

    Property investment by joint venture is a structure where a land owner and or an investor may partner with the property developer to complete a real estate development. There is no set formula for profit shares and are usually negotiated for each individual project. The amount paid to an investor is usually commensurate with risk.

    Property Syndicates

    A property syndicate is where a number of investors get together to invest in a real estate project with a property developer. The investor syndicate provides the capital and the property developer provides the skill to complete the project. The structure will usually be a Company or Trust.

    Registered Mortgage over Real Estate

    The funds required to complete a property development or property investment is:

    • First Registered Mortgage – This will be secured by the Bank or Private Lender advancing funds to the project to build the project (senior debt).
    • Second Registered Mortgage – This is also known as “Mezzanine Finance” as it sits on top of the first registered mortgage (junior debt).
    • Equity – This is funds provided by investors, as a shareholder, joint venture partner or syndicate.

    Property Developer Experience

    It is of ultimate importance that the property developer has a successful track record and can be relied on to manage the project to a successful conclusion. Please see past projects completed here.


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